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Our family have been farming here for 4 generations , nealy 90 years: originally market garden vegetables were grown and the potatoes supplied the fish and chip shops in Weymouth.

We now have over 600 milking cows, which you may see grazing in the meadows during summer. We also grow maize and grass to feed them through the winter months.

Our family have all been involved in  planning, setting up and running the campsite, Sam is regularly out rolling the camping field in the ancient Massey Ferguson.

Catherine and Brian have a family of four: Rosie, Matthew, Sam and Edward, We have enjoyed many camping holidays, sometimes for a month at a time, so we know exactly what you will be looking for in a campsite.

Campfire cooking has always been a focal point of our holidays, the giant paella we cooked here for Ed’s birthday was amazing! 


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